"Yaron Hasson has a wonderful dynamic energy in his playing, which together with his outstanding musicianship and technique enables fresh breath to be breathed into the well-known works on this programme. Coming at the centre of the programme is a magnificent performance of one of Dowland’s most famous pieces, the Fantasie no. 7, here played with an energy and verve one seldom hears.


After another inspirational playing of the Barrios work, Hasson shows off his compositional skills in the four-movement If I Forget Thee O Jerusalem. This ‘suite’ is a highly effective and well-constructed work, which Hasson has obviously written based around his own phenomenal technical capabilities and the guitar world has become a richer place for it.


With no low points in the entire CD production but with plenty of recommendations, this is a recording to savour many times over.


Highly recommended."

STEVE MARSH, Classical Guitar Magazine